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Hoardings are a great way to advertise a business that isn’t currently open to the public and are often placed outside premises undergoing refurbishments or changing hands to hide messy construction works. These can be instrumental in the success of a business just starting out and alert people to a shop, restaurant, apartment complex or any other company coming to the space that they occupy all while concealing works from the public. Hoardings don’t just hide untidy construction sites though, they can also increase safety of a site by preventing intrusion, trespassing or theft by forming a physical barrier at the entrance.

From hoarding for shopping centres and restaurants through to construction site boards and warehousing signage, MC signs can design and install shop hoardings for a diverse range of companies.

We can help businesses to design their hoarding incorporating branding, colours, fonts, graphics and important information such as opening days, contact details or safety information. We are able to print hoardings in a variety of sizes making them suitable for small and large spaces alike. These installations are sturdy and cost effective, remaining in place for as long as necessary and providing free visual advertising after the initial investment.

MC Signs have served a variety of trades with hoardings over the years, including:

General advertising hoardings 

Shop hoardings

Construction site hoardings

Our bespoke design service enables companies to create high impact advertising using modern designs that are in line with their brand imagery. Whether you are looking to advertise new store openings, exciting retail opportunities, promotional events or just to relay important information, our experienced team will deliver a signage solution that meets your exacting requirements.

MC Signs also constructs fire rated hoardings, offering the complete hoarding package for customers from right across the UK.

Please contact us today by calling 01270 501 501 to discuss your requirements. We look froward to hearing from you.