Post & Totem

Post and Totem signs are free standing signs that are often displayed at the perimeter of a premises, allowing those passing to identify its location easily. Large and tall in design, these vertical signs are often implemented to be seen from a distance and are frequently outside offices, shopping precincts, factories and hotels. Advertising the location of a company and containing crucial information, these are great for roadside destinations where information needs to be relayed quickly, clearly and effectively.

Why Totem?

There is no better way to draw attention to your business in heavy footfall areas than post and totem signs. Providing a large space for advertising, totem signs are easy to emblazon with the businesses logo and branding that direct customers to a physical location all while reinforcing the company’s image. Also known as post signs, these innovative designs can be designed, manufactured and installed by our expert team, but we also offer the option of self-installation if you require.

If you are interested in our post and totem signage solutions, you don’t need to have a design ready and waiting for us, we can help you to style your sign and will work collaboratively to meet your needs. Whether you simply want to brand logo or you want to include information about opening times, slogans or directions, our team have a wealth of experience in creating eye-catching signs.

We can craft a variety of shapes, sizes and coloured signs as well as including a range of font, imagery and material options! Just contact us on 01270 501 501 today.