Tray Signs & Trade Signs

Tray signs, pan signs, trade signs – no matter what you call them, it’s undeniable that MC Signs manufactures tray signs to impeccable quality. Shaped from 2mm aluminium sheets, we then weld the corners on the underside and finish them to quality well above industry standard, meaning you will receive a durable pan sign that stands the test of time.

Our expert technicians have a wealth of experience ensuring your business stands out amongst the visual noise. With trade signs, we do that quite literally. Whether you want a totem or wall-mounted sign, tray signs offer a completely unique aesthetic in comparison to surrounding acrylic signs. Tray signs are the best way to tell your customer “we’re here!”

Tall and vertical in design, tray signs are fantastic for businesses who are in discreet positions and when positioned appropriately, they can be seen from some distance acting as a great advertisement even from afar.

MC Signs can produce trade signs for a variety of sectors including hospitality, industrial, retail, office and manufacturing, there really is no business that can’t benefit.

Their three-dimensional shapes can be produced in a range of shapes and unique profiles; as well as illuminated or house inbuilt screens such as you might see at a drive-through. They’re suitable to be fitted both indoors and outdoors in various sizes. Whether you’re using them to direct people around a building, provide information, or signpost your business to passers-by, we can create a bespoke trade sign for you.

We design and manufacture our trade signs in Crewe, Cheshire, and then deliver and fit them across the UK. Call us for more information on what we can create for you or fill out our contact form.