Digital Wallpaper

As industrial signage experts, MC Signs are well-placed as your first port of call for digital wallpaper printing that stands out from the crowd of old-fashioned retail signs. Revamp your signage with custom digital wallpaper that modernises your business premises to all visitors and employees, helping to propel your brand forwards as a forward-thinking, modern outfit.

The bespoke digital wallpaper we manufacture for your premises is for internal usage and can serve to bolster your company branding, values, slogans, and images with eye-catching designs created from the process of digital wallpaper printing. Revolutionary in its design, digital wallpaper can be informative and decorative, whether you choose your self-adhesive installations to take the form of photo wallpaper, custom wallpaper murals or entirely original designs. Even ceilings can receive the high-tech treatment with this innovative technique that is always custom-made to fit individual requirements.

Committed to giving you the exact service you desire; our team can fit the wallpaper at your premises, or you can choose to carry out the installation process yourself. Bold designs are simplified with our digital wallpaper printing service and companies are empowered with brighter spaces, whether that occurs in the office corridor or in visually arresting exhibition spaces.

Experts in simplifying the industrial signs process while providing eye-catching results every time, your input in the digital wallpaper printing process is invaluable yet straightforward. Simply send us a few important details such as:

  • Your wall dimensions.
  • Your image(s) via email.
  • The scale and position of your desired image

Efficient and experienced, we begin the manufacturing process from the moment we receive your request and specifications. While we request you to allow 5-7 working days for delivery as standard, we aim to deliver your digital wallpaper as soon as possible. If digital wallpaper is urgently needed, you can contact a member of our team to arrange for your order to be fast-tracked. All orders are given extra protection by the robust cardboard we use to package your product.

For digital wallpaper installation for your business, get in touch for an installation quote today.