Health & Safety Signs

Health and safety signs are an essential feature in any workplace and in many industries, are a legal requirement. Clearly identifying potential hazards keeps employees, customers and visitors safe and assists in businesses compliance with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations, 1996. Working to reduce the risks of accidents at work, health and safety signage can make companies lest vulnerable to litigation if an accident does occur.

Our professionally designed signs ensure that words are clearly displayed and that only industry standard symbols and imagery are used, making signage easy to read and recognise. MC signs can manufacture health and safety signs both for short- and long-term use and our solutions can encompass everything from caution signs to entrance boards. Signs can be printed with or without company logo’s and business names dependent on preference and can be printed in variety of sizes to suit their locations.

Produced for internal and external positioning, signs can be manufactured with a superior weather and UV-fading resistant clear gloss film, so they won’t become compromised over time.

Health and Safety Sign Types

Fire safety signs – health and safety sings which detail fire assembly points, emergency exits and fire extinguisher type.

First aid signs – these can provide identification of first aid kit location, eye wash station, first aider detailers or defibrillator information.

Hazard warning signs – alerting people to dangers such as slippery surfaces, fire risks, hot water, forklift operation, confined spaces, deep water, trip hazards or any other risk.

Construction signs – health and safety signs on construction sites are a must and can comprise of site safety rules, hazard warnings, helmet wearing, site entrances and caution signs.

Information signs – these signs can detail anything from fire assembly points, speed limits, refuge points, keep clear signs and exit points.

Safety clothing signs – a reminder to wear appropriate clothing for any industry weather helmets, lab coats, googles or PPE.

Access awareness signs – warning people of access problems such as no pedestrians, no trespassing, private property, authorised personnel only or no entry signs.

Prohibition signs – these remind people of what is not prohibited and could be in the form of no smoking, no entry, do not use lift in the event of a fire or no parking.

Specialist signs – we can make up specialist signs for industry specific hazards such as in the use of chemicals.

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