Construction Site Hoardings

It’s a legal requirement to have protective panels around a construction site in the UK; it’s a savvy decision to utilise this space to convey messaging for legal or advertising purposes. Construction sites require extra safety precautions to protect the public from the hazards of sites under construction. By alerting the public to the risks of trespassing, you are performing your due diligence by installing bespoke safety messaging and providing a physical obstruction to the entrance.

If you are about to launch a business or your building is being refurbished, construction site hoardings hide the unsightly early stages of the construction site from public view. MC Signs have over 15 years of experience as bespoke signage specialists with the highest quality in wide format digital printing to offer a variety of sectors. Our construction site hoardings can utilise your company branding in its colour, font, and graphics as well as being suitable for spaces both large and small.

Security Signage

Security messaging is often necessary to act as a deterrent to unauthorised visitors who might otherwise try to enact theft or vandalism upon a property currently under construction. All our hoardings are cost-effective due to how long-lasting they are after their initial construction, but the prevention of the loss of materials is invaluable given their cost. Important information such as opening days and contact information is designed by us under your direction, with adherence to your specific requirements.

As signage solution specialists, our team can provide any form of advertising you need – often construction companies want to advertise their services on-site. MC Signs also offer a complete hoarding package that includes fire rated hoardings for added protection.

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