Tray signs, trade signs, pan signs – you name it. MC Signs manufacturers them to a durable quality with design expertise that will ensure your business looks impeccable for years to come.

But why a tray sign?

Tray signs are three-dimensional shapes moulded from 2mm aluminium sheets, which MC Signs takes a step further in production quality. We weld the corners on the underside and finish them to well above industry standard. Their flat acrylic counterparts are both less interesting to view and more susceptible to damage.

We can produce almost any shape and even craft unique profiles in various sizes, finishes, and even wraps. Our expert technicians design in-house are able to tailor exactly to your requirements while also recommending the most visually effective ways of catching the attention of your customers.

A trade sign is perfect both outdoors as a totem or signpost, mounted on the wall, or even indoors to display information or promote your business. We can even illuminate parts of the sign or add inbuilt screens to display more eye-catching graphics in an informative way. They’re the best method to tell potential customers “we’re here!”

If you’re looking to promote your business, elevate your branding, or make informational signs exciting, pan signs are a fantastic choice. They, quite literally, stand out from the visual noise of your competitors and neighbours, giving your business both personality and credibility.

MC Signs in based in Crewe, where we design and manufacture a range of signage solutions. We install across the UK for both commercial and industrial sectors. We can do almost anything. No matter how big or small your project, get in contact with us via our contact form to see what we can do for you.