Labels can be mini conversation pieces. As consumers, we tend to trust products or items with labels more than a plain object. In an era where information is easily accessible and brand logos are as well-known as times tables, a product without a label is seen as low value.

Online Shopping

The design and font on the label are integral for branding purposes – conveying the right message. It also boosts customer perception: if you are trying to sell a product, the right label will evoke a sense of trust in the contents. Customers don’t want to have to do the thinking themselves – they want clearly labelled and colourful products to make their shopping experience easier.

Since products are often purchased online in today’s modern climate, labels that have been made with UV resistant coating are more durable and therefore fit for packaging and posting to their destination.

Present Legal Information Easily

Not only are high quality labels beneficial from a customer point of view, but they also help you to uphold legal requirements. Labels with plainly presented allergen information are becoming a requirement and there are ongoing discussions about putting calorie content on food and drink items.

Both large batches of labels and one-off productions are possible with our specialist high resolution, wide format printing and labelling services.

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