Over the last 12 months, health and safety at work has been thrown into the limelight once again, with the Corona Virus pandemic forcing us to rethink everything we thought we knew about workplace safety. Now that businesses are being encouraged back into work, many have had to adopt new health and safety measures in order to be compliant with government guidelines and to protect their staff and customers. Health and safety industrial signs can assist businesses in making sure that everyone abides by the rules protecting them legally and physically from the virus.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory industrial signs indicate that an action must be carried out in order to comply with statutory requirements. They can show where protective gear such as PPE is required if your company now requires staff to wear it, can illustrate that masks must be worn by all customers and instruct people to sanitise their hands or equipment. All of these industrial signs can be wall or post mounted, making them easy to position wherever you need them and in a way that they can’t be ignored.

Prohibition Signs

As the name would suggest, prohibition industrial signs display information about prohibited behaviours. In environments where masks are mandatory, these signs can be used to display information such as ‘NO MASK NO ENTRY’ or ‘NO ENTRY WITHOUT PPE’. These signs are usually red and white indicating the danger that can come if the rules are ignored.

Directional Signs

Many businesses are now required to enforce social distancing and one way routes through their premises, to avoid the spreading of germs. Warning signs can alert people to these new rules and direct them the correct way around a facility. When coupled with floor tape or markings, these can be highly effective in managing the flow of traffic.