Office signs are crucial for making a great visual impression straight away, indicating your awareness of your brand identity and helping visitors to locate your building if located in a remote or inconspicuous location. But there is more to office signage than just signalling location – when surveyed by FedEx, around 67% of consumers said they purchased a product or service solely because of an eye-catching office sign.

Increasing Profits

Whether the nature of your business is industrial or retail, signs give your business credence in an age where visuals are commonplace everywhere. In fact, in the same FedEx survey, 8 in 10 of the people surveyed said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based solely on its signage. Given the high footfall office signage attracts, expenditure once you have secured new customers rises as customers feel connected with your brand.

Brand Awareness

All the components of business and retail signs create a picture of your brand, from colour to font to size and design. As experts in the field, we collaborate with you to build the right image based on who you are as a brand, whether you opt for branded fascia signs or digital print window graphics. To continue the customer journey, we can fit office signs on the inside of the premises as well as outside. Customers want to feel connected with your brand and who you are, so this is recommended.

Continuous Advertising

Once erected, office signs are a 24/7 advertisement for your business that can be seen from afar and help to direct new traffic to your premises who would otherwise not be aware of your existence. If visitors are making their way to your office and the location is not central, post and totem signs are particularly useful for navigation purposes. Repeated signage also builds trust because people will feel as though your business is a familiar name to them.

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