Fail to employ an effective business sign and you could be doing your company a serious disservice. Sure, it’s a digital age and anyone who wants to find you can just tap your name into Google, but even in this internet-driven era, it’s still important to have a physical pointer that drives in the foot traffic. After all, foot fall is the bread and butter of any business. Read on for our 3 B’s of business signs to boost sales in your Cheshire store.


As one of the busiest commercial hubs in the in the North, business signs in Cheshire need to attract potential customers from the get-go. With saturated high streets and bustling cities all around the county, it’s easy for signs to get lost in the sea of retailers vying for the public attention. However, you can avoid fading into the background by going BOLD with your signage. Whether you fancy your name in lights, on a full fascia or a roadside banner make sure that your sign stands out from the crowd.


When designing your sign, it’s vital to incorporate your companies branding, to drive it home to new and existing clients and customers. To put some power into your brand, it’s important that every element of your business is cohesive, including your sign. Bolster your business by utilising your brand specific colours, fonts and layouts when designing your sign.

Build a Collection

You may already have signage that works well in driving your sales, but it can never hurt to add to your existing signs. Adding more in various forms can complement your brand and help to further re-enforce your values in other areas of your premises. Here at MC signs we can create bespoke wallpaper, window graphics or totems to help guide customers around your premises, attract them to relevant offers and deals and help increase your revenue.

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