The average consumer is exposed to around 5,000 messages a day and you usually have around 7 seconds to catch their attention. This is why when it comes to business signage and branding, your message needs to stand out!

Use your Exterior Space

While having a cohesive brand displayed in the interior of your building is vital, using business signage in your outside space or structures to advertise can be incredibly successful. Whether this is utilising fascia signage to display your company name clearly and professionally or even temporary signage such as flags and banners to promote specific events or promotions.

Use your Vehicle

Vehicle graphics are an excellent business signage choice that is portable. Using impressive imagery and striking graphics, you can attract an audience on the move, while you are on the move! Not only can this be a great way to gain impressions from your businesses target locations, but also unlike renting advertising space incurs a one-off cost with a limitless return.

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