People buy with their eyes. This is a fundamental principle of any attempt at sales and yet many shopping centres are slow to update their signage. We believe that is a big mistake. The right shopping centre signage can guide customers towards high-profit areas, extend their stay within the centre and persuade them to return to spend more money in your store.

From design to the point of installation, we can provide you with top quality shopping centre signage. Our experience has enabled us to create a range of products for you to choose from but it also empowers us to adhere to your requirements. Bespoke requests are an option so no matter how niche the branding of your shopping centre is, we are the adept experts who can help.

Statistics Matter

From fascia signs to window graphics, we cover all the most important signs in a shopping centre. Window graphics can promote your brand with eye-catching designs. 38.5% of shoppers in a survey conducted by the Sign Research Foundation said they made assumptions about the quality of service based on the quality of the signage. In today’s visual world, it is more important than ever to get it right.

Marketing opportunities are endless when it comes to having the right signage. Many industrial companies or mobile operations use truck graphics or lorry graphics to capture the attention of the passer-by. Given how much longer people will have to look at the shopping centre signage you have in your venue, having high quality signs is even more important for keeping shoppers engaged.

In fact, in the same study mentioned previously, a huge 54% of shoppers said they have driven by a business because of poor quality signage. Don’t let that be your retail centre – start the conversation about how to get the right signs in place today.

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