Every business should take branding seriously. Even if your focus is B2B it is essential that the way you present and market with business signs matches your brand. There are three main types of signage that are important to any business: fascia, promotional, and health & safety.

Your fascia signage is the first thing people will see as they walk up to your business, whether it be an indoor or outdoor entrance. This signage should be the embodiment of your branding. Most people will draw a first impression in just 7 seconds, so the immediate entrance should be carefully thought through.

Promotional signage is more temporary and is likely to be portable. They’re made to promote events or slightly more specific aspects of your business. For example, if you’re hosting a conference or attending one, exhibiting, pitching to clients, etc then your promotional signage is of great importance.

Additionally, any business needs health and safety signage. While you may think that these signs can detract from the aesthetic of an office, in actual fact these signs can be made to look attractive, boosting your business both in terms of appearing responsible and stylish.

So, if you’re looking to rebrand with business signs in 2020, then choose MC Signs. Whether you have a fully formed plan or a barely formed idea, our design and production teams are at hand to help and advise.

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