Whether you’re interested in car wrapping for business or pleasure, MC Signs have an array of options to give your car the look you desire. For commercial purposes, car wrapping is an extremely effective strategy for branding and as a marketing tool. Having multiple cars, vans, trucks or lorries branded with the same style assists in keeping your business in the mind’s eye of potential customers.

Iconic cars like these are everywhere. Take, for example, emergency service vehicles. Just with one glance you know whether it belongs to law enforcement, health or fire services. This is an effect that can be achieved for businesses too, even if you’re only looking to have your reach span one town, or across the country.

At MC Signs, we do car wraps for both the big and the small. From international brands like JCB to local companies. We give the same impeccable standard of service to everyone. Our in-house design team is on hand to adapt your design to a vehicle or to draw one up from scratch from your ideas.

Then, we print your car wrap on our wide-format printer, using 7-10-year branded cast wrap media, with 3D lamination. Producing the wrap ourselves means that turn around time for our car wrapping services are extremely small, as we don’t have to wait for delivery.

We then apply the car wrap directly onto the vehicle, heat-treating to ensure every notch, curve, and bump is effectively wrapped with your stunning new design. Then, yourself or your staff can drive away and start advertising your business, even just on the weekend trip out if you so desire.

Our vast experience means there’s very little we can’t do, so contact us at MC Signs today to talk about car wrapping on 01270 501 501 or contact us via our website.