The 3 V’s of Vehicle wrapping

Wrapping your vehicle can be a fantastic, easy way of driving home your brand while on your drive home and it can work for any type business whether you’re a welder or a nail beautician. The roads are crammed with commuters so vehicle graphics are a great way to entice potential customers. But like any other paid for ad, it’s important that they are styled correctly for your business and portray the necessary messages. Consider our 3 V’s of Vehicle wrapping for va-va-voom designs.

  1. Valuable

Is your design going to achieve your objectives? If you’re looking to increase customers, then it’s vital that drivers can see who you are, what you do and how to contact you. Ideally, this means a logo, slogan and phone number should be incorporated into your wrap to have the maximum impact. Pictures, patterns and testimonials can also be strong additions but just ensure your design reflects your company values; confused messages across vehicles and websites are likely to deter customers.

  1. Valid

Is your design logical? Say you’ve decided you want your company colours striping the side of your cars, the logo on the bonnet and your phone number on the boot. As a whole, the car might look amazing but you need to consider the viability. Unless the vehicle is stationary and those around it too, then the full picture simply cannot be absorbed. If a driver has never come across your brand before then it is unlikely that they’ll be able to recognise a standalone logo from a glance in the rear-view mirror, or a colour scheme when driving past, so carefully consider the cohesiveness and clarity of your design.

  1. Vivid

On the bustling roads of Britain, it is vital that your design demands attention and stands out from the crowd. Creating a unique wrap could mean using a photograph, a question, zany colours or fashionable patterns but don’t go overboard, your designs shouldn’t give people a headache or distract them from the road. Although you can have fun with your designs you still want to portray professionalism and market your values appropriately.


That’s a wrap! If you think your business could benefit from our wrapping service then contact our vehicle graphics Crewe team today on 01270 501 501 or visit our site to see the range of vehicles we cover.