Vehicle graphics sometimes get overlooked because people assume the signage on static buildings is more important. While we would never argue that retail signage or office signage is unimportant, we do have the expertise to know that things like bus, lorry and truck graphics are far more influential than is commonly discussed.

Stand Out

The branding on a vehicle stays in the mind of the viewer for longer than seeing signage in shop windows. Novelty plays a part – if you are in a car and see bus or truck graphics, it is likely these graphics will stand out from the crowd. Most vehicles don’t have any marketing on them so if you are on a road or walking by in most areas, this is the only form of advertising you have seen for miles. The bigger the signage and the better the quality, the more it stands out. That’s why you need vehicle graphics experts to help you make the most impact.

Future Focus

Not only do they pack a visual punch, but they are also cost-effective as a form of advertising. Magazines, newspapers and other forms of media have a recurring cost, whereas bus or truck graphics are paid for and administered just once. The best part is that vehicles don’t have to make up a substantial part of your business for this kind of marketing to be effective. It is easy to attract attention from a wider area range and therefore expand your consumer base with vehicle graphics. This opportunity just isn’t present with static signage as that focuses more on how to engage with present customers. For present and future engagement, investing in bus, lorry or truck graphics (as appropriate) is the smart move you should make.

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