When it comes to restaurants, your signage is the first thing that potential customers will see. It’s not just about conveying the name of your business; professional, well-designed, and properly installed signage should also embody your whole branding and the ethos of your restaurant. Upgrading your signage, both outside and inside your establishment,builds the trust of potential customers and helps them to understand what you offer.As leading experts in the signage industry, at MC Signs we are well equipped to produce the highest standard of hospitality signs for your business.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should update your signage today:

  1. Improved Appearance.

If your existing signage is old and tired, having a refreshed design can give your business a much-needed facelift. As fascia signs are the first thing that potential customers see, it is important that they come across as well-presented.

  • Represent Your Brand and USP.

Your brand is what customers know you by, and this should show in your signage. Creating promotional signs can be an opportunity to shout out about the USP of your restaurant and your current offers, while enticing new business in.

  • Tackle Navigational Issues.

In every effectively run restaurant, having signage to direct individuals to the right place is extremely important. In a busy environment, customers should be able to navigate the grounds of your establishment without having to ask for help. With our comprehensive ‘way-finding’ signage solutions, we can help with this.

  • Give Customers Privacy.

Installing window graphics to the front of your establishment not only advertises your business to passers-by, but also gives diners inside your restaurant some privacy whilst eating. For those that are located on streets with a busy footfall, giving customers this added privacy helps them to feel more comfortable, which leads to repeat business.

  • Specific Problem Solving.

You may have already established the reasoning behind requiring new signage. This could be from needing to change the locations of your signs, to wanting to make your establishment more visible at night by installing luminous fascia signs. Whatever your requirements, at MC Signs our skilled professionals can help with a bespoke solution to fit you.

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