Hospitality, hotels in particular, is an extremely competitive business sector. For you to stand out above the rest, you need to showcase something new and original, and why not achieve this through creative and effective signage? When implemented successfully, a consistent and sophisticated signage system can help guests feel informed and relaxed, making it an essential part of your interior design. Here are three ways in which your hotel can utilise hospitality signage:

Desk & Door

Including your company name and logo on the reception desk and front door is a hospitality signage must that’s essential for hotels. It lets your customers know where they are through unique and stylish designs, showcasing the level of professionalism that they can expect from their stay at your establishment.

Health & Safety

Working in the hospitality sector, whether you own a large-scale hotel or a small café, the safety of your customers is vital. Comprehensive health and safety signage can guarantee that your visitors know what to do in case of an emergency, where the fire exits are and make them aware of any hazards in the area. You can view our range of ‘off the shelf’ and custom health and safety signs here.

Brand Reinforcement

You want the experience of staying at your hotel to be memorable, not only because of the exceptional customer service and excellent accommodation but also the creative and original design of your interiors. Having your brand reinforced throughout the building by means of exceptional hospitality signage is a useful tool to impress customers, leaving a positive impression.

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