When you are walking through a shopping centre or strolling along the high street, you are likely to see numerous hoardings. Often used to protect public safety from a construction site, retail hoardings are also a great way to advertise a refurbishment re-launch date, new shops and other exciting news. If you want to find out a bit more about them without having to sift through lots of sales information, keep reading.

A Savvy Marketing Decision

The decision to install retail hoardings is made by the savvy businessperson. Rather than having blank hoardings to separate an unsightly construction site from shoppers, you can cleverly use the space to attract shoppers to return on your opening date.

Crime Deterrent

Most hoardings are not left blank, with many being used for safety information or general advertising. If a potential thief sees hoardings without any information on – or if none are present at all, this space will become a target as it appears to be unclaimed space. There poses less of a threat regarding getting caught if the potential thief believes the space has been left without ownership. Overt messaging to warn of the specific consequences of getting caught is often chosen to overtly convey that the space is being watched.

Branding Opportunities

When it comes to branding, modern retail hoardings enable you to choose from a wide range of colours, fonts and graphics to get your message across. Hoardings are eye-catching due to their size, so there is lots of room to get the branding right. If you do choose a high impact sign complete with brand imagery, your branding will be seen by numerous people passing by each day.

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