You’ve probably seen lots of example of van wrapping without realising, traditionally on commercial vehicles displaying company names, logos and imagery. Plenty of small, medium and large businesses invest in van wraps for their vehicles and not without good reason. Any vehicle that proudly displays the company information automatically becomes a moving local advertisement, which can be an incredibly effective tool in building brand recognition and ultimately boosting sales. We’ve put together the top reasons that business gets van wraps.

Good Value

Compared to other forms of advertising, van wraps are extremely good value, being exposed to hundreds if not thousands of people every day with no other cost than the initial outlay. Furthermore, if a business operates only within a specific area, the vehicles that display the company details are advertising the business in the catchment area that they work in, directly advertising to the people most likely to use their services, making it more likely to result in sales than say a national radio advert or television advert.

Protect Investment

A commercial vehicle fleet is normally quite a costly investment for businesses and often one of their largest assets that need protecting. When you get a van wrap, the decal acts as a physical barrier on the exterior of the vehicle and prevents the paintwork from becoming chipped, scratched or marred by washing, driving or scuffs. This helps to protect the resale value of the vehicle and keep it looking neat, tidy and professional, all of which speaks volumes about a business.


Van wraps are extremely resilient and long-lasting, making them a long-term advertising and protection investment. Far from being a throw-away advert in a local paper or something that needs constant updating and maintenance, this vehicle wrapping will continue to serve your business for years to come, without incurring additional cost.