We don’t just offer truck wraps as a standalone service. We offer the whole package: consultation, design, production, and installation of truck wraps that guarantee to secure your brand a bigger presence when out on the road. We have over 12 years of experience in executing industrial signage that stands apart from the crowd, so our comprehensive service is of the highest standard and requires only for you to make the initial request.

How do we do it? Our professional graphics team will create a bespoke design for you before using a wide format printer to wrap either one or entire fleets of trucks with your unique wrap design. We listen to the input you want to give, and we use our expertise to turn your idea into a fully realised wrap.

Brand Awareness

We produce professional truck wraps that boast a flawless finish to wow your potential new customers. It is a highly effective marketing method because van wraps are sizable so can be seen from a distance and this form of advertising often lingers in a person’s mind for years afterwards. We are used to being surrounded by signs on a busy high street or while we intend to shop, but for those sitting in traffic or passing by, a well-designed truck wrap will stand out as unique.


There are no additional or hidden costs with a truck wrap because you simply invest in the initial outlay and let our experts do the rest. Resistant to becoming weather-worn and acting as a protective barrier against any wear or tear on your vehicle, a truck wrap helps to reduce maintenance costs for your vehicle fleet. Not only is there a physical barrier to prevent paint from chipping or scratching off, but you have a well-presented advertisement and neater looking truck to present as a physical representative of your business.

Long Term Investment

Brand awareness is crucial to the success of any business and when it comes to industrial workplaces, the mobility of a truck wrap helps to garner attention that might otherwise be missed. Truck wraps are a great method of promotion because they engender longevity – a person could see your vehicle once and have your design etched in their mind’s eye to call upon for months or even years afterwards. Not only does this make them a good investment, but it also means truck wraps are a highly cost-effective way of marketing your business to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

To find out more about how to get a gold standard truck wrap, contact MC Signs today.