When you own a property, business, or construction site, it is always important to ensure you have the correct signage. According to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations of 1996, all places of work are required to have standardised, recognisable safety signs relating to the safety matters in the area. Here is a list of all the health and safety signs, that you may need in order to comply with the law;

Safe Condition Signs

Fire exit signs can save lives, they are a type of ‘Safe Condition Sign’. These are used to indicate escape routes, emergency exits, first aid equipment and emergency showers (needed for areas where you are working with toxic chemicals). These signs are imperative in moments of emergency, when in the event of an evacuation those inside the building can easily find the safest exit routes.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are used to alert people to restrictions in a particular area. A no smoking sign is an example of a frequently used prohibition sign. This also works for substances, for example, where there is a lot of electrical cables a water filled fire extinguisher would not be a suitable method of attack should an open flame be present. Or if you own a residential estate, you can use them to show skateboarding or ball games are not allowed in communal areas etc.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are incredibly important, as they alert people to imminent danger. For example, when storing toxic or flammable liquids a warning sign should be somewhere clear and visible near the entrance of the room. Another use of warning signs could be to alert you in areas where heavy machinery is in use or where there are electrical hazards nearby.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs have a wide variety of use, they indicate actions that must be carried out in order to comply with statutory requirements. They are commonly used in construction to show where protective gear is needed.  Also in order for a fire door to pass the fire risk assessment, a mandatory sign that says “FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT” must be present and visible.  They could even be used for simple as simple as telling your employees they must wash their hands.

These sign regulations apply to all places and activities where people are employed. If you want to read more on the regulations in this country and the types of signs you require on your property click here .

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