Certain things appear to be quintessentially British – cricket, scones and Paddington bear to name a few examples, but perhaps none more so than a post office. Recognisable by the signature red and dwindled in number compared to a few decades ago, the post office is a familiar place we have all visited. It is estimated that there are only around 11,500 post offices in the UK – around half of the number there were 30 years ago. If you are one of the few left, you will need a high quality sign to attract people to your post office shop – fascia design recommended.

Stand Out

One of the good things about the smaller number of post offices is that it gives your shop a chance to stand out. But to do that properly, installing an eye-catching, quality sign is a non-negotiable must. Our team are highly qualified and reliably experienced, with a myriad of qualifications and skill sets to offer. Unlike other companies, we place emphasis on providing a bespoke service that is uniform only in that every business we work with receives the same high standard of customer care. Put simply, we advise on which post office shop (fascia design or otherwise) would work best, but then we also listen to your specific requirements. What do we do specifically? Our experts will design, fabricate or manufacture, supply & install shop fascia signs to your building after passing through our stringent quality control measures.

A Classic Appeal

Fascia signs have a classic appeal as they stand out but don’t appear to be a gimmick, therefore drawing the eye of a passer by as they wonder what kind of shop has opened up or whether their local post office has had a refurbishment. Stand out with expertly made signs and give our team a call or email today.

Contact Us

Should you have any further questions about post office shop fascia designs, or wish to discuss your options with our experts, do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call our team today on 01270 501 501 or fill out our online enquiry form.