Shop hoardings are something we know a lot about here at MC Signs, and there are many ways that hoarding graphics can be used effectively for your business. Here are a few ideas;

Hide empty stores and construction work

In shopping centres and high streets, empty stores and construction work can be an eye sore. Covering the window with hoardings allows for plenty of creative design options to hide what is going on behind. Whether you are advertising the shop, covering it in attractive images or using it as a tool to help people navigate their way around the town or shopping centre, it’s always nicer to look at than an empty room filled with tools and dust.

Advertise a shop before it is open

Just because your shop isn’t open yet doesn’t mean you can’t get started with your marketing. Using shop hoardings to advertise your upcoming opening is a great way of giving you the best potential visitor numbers right from the off. Bright and attractive hoardings that complement your brand will make people want to visit in the future. You can summarise what your business does, what’s on offer and when / why they should come to your store, all in one hoarding graphic – but you have to make it memorable.

Promoting your store after opening

You don’t only have to have hoarding graphics on closed / empty shops, but you can use them on open ones too. Eye catching window graphics are a great way to promote what’s going on inside the store such as;

  • Deals / offers
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Gift cards / Loyalty cards
  • Job openings
  • Upcoming / current sales

The choices are endless, whatever you want to advertise, and you can turn it into an attractive and effective window graphics.

Construction sites

Hoarding doesn’t only work on retail shops but also are very commonly used on constructions sites. You can use them for advertising the upcoming property, relaying your business information or contact details and presenting important safety information and legal notices.

When done well, shop hoarding is an effective communication vehicle and could be a very important part of your marketing strategy moving forward.

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